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The "Changes Award" to Tk1fire, HortoMio and Relive

Security systems, conscious use of the earth's resources and memory recovery. These are the fields of expertise of the three startups awarded by Cna


October 28, 2023

The "Changes Award" to Tk1fire, HortoMio and Relive

Yesterday morning, Sala Eden hosted the territorial final of the "Changes" award, promoted by the national Cna and dedicated to the innovative thinking of new Italian businesses. The three winning companies are: Tk1fire, HortoMio and Relive, three start-ups, very different from each other, which were chosen among the participants for the regional final of the award, scheduled for the end of November. The winner of the first prize, which consists of 500 euros to be spent on services in the companies associated with Cna Grosseto, was Tk1fire, represented by Adriano Vignudelli: "We are a company – he explains – specialized in research and development in the mainly textile sector We have designed an NFC chip for storing personal data and electronic health records to be included in the clothing supplied to law enforcement agencies and personnel who may be engaged in risky interventions, to allow, in the event of an accident, health workers to immediately access health information, speeding up rescue procedures"